Hackers, viruses, ransomware, data theft, industrial espionage and even government sponsored attacks. The list of cyber threats that could put your business at risk goes on and on. Add to this all the new types of technologies such as the Cloud, BYOD, WiFi and other that is supposed to make your company more productive. But you quickly start to realize the complexity of securing it all, that with that productivity the threat surface expands. The challenge isn’t just to make the network secure but also to make it efficient and productive at the same time.

What you need is a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), i.e. a security product designed for your challenges with the cloud, a mobile work force, BYOD and skilled cyber criminals and that puts you in control at all times.



  • Clavister True NGFW combines the best of two worlds by offering a mature and proven Enterprise Firewall with well-integrated Next-Generation Technologies. No compromises and no need to add more boxes to your network. ƒ
  • Clavister True NGFW offers advanced Deep Application Content Control (DACC) that makes it possible for you to control how applications are being used in a proactive and “zero-day” manner. ƒ
  • No compromises when using Clavister True NGFW in real networks as features are well integrated and not just designed to tick-off checkboxes in a datasheet. ƒ
  • Clavister True NGFW saves money as it has a minimal TCO but also reduce wasted productivity and bandwidth at the same time as it avoids costly security breaches.


 All Clavister appliances are powered by Clavister cOS Core, our own in-house proprietary network operating system. Clavister cOS Core is development exclusively in Sweden by Swedish engineers for the global market. It’s not a mash-up of different open-source components and it’s 100% backdoor-free. Vulnerabilities, such as “heartbleed”, “Shellshock/bash”, “Ghost” or “FREAK”, as well as yet to be discovered open-source bugs, not allowed to enter. A unified network operating system on all Clavister appliances ensures that there are no functional differences between platforms. Also, there are no user limitations, additional bundles for the use of certain functions or similar restrictions. The various Clavister appliances differ only in terms of hardware and thereby reach maximum performance. Clavister appliances enables you to start small and grow as your needs increases.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 11.11.30 PM


Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 10.58.48 PM

Our performance is a world beating 40Gbps IPsec, the fastest pure software, 100% virtualized solution in the market, using relatively low-spec, off-the-shelf servers with Intel CPUs that you probably already have in your data centers. That’s almost 1,000% faster than any of our competitors and even 500% faster than earlier releases of cOS Stream. That speed and performance means that Clavister’s virtual solution allows unprecedented security, all the while meeting customer’s demands for quality service.

IPsec Encryption Power

Best-in-class IPsec performance gives you unprecented security, all without sacrificing the necessary performance that your customers demand, all on a versatile, flexible and pure software solution that utlizes AES-NI, QuickAssist and other crypto accelerators. You can also tune for massive amounts IPsec tunnels which you might need protecting for, or a massive traffic load, or a combination of both.

Core strength

Multicore means that we have a linear scalability means that from each additional core added you gain more security performance. Thanks to this you can tap into the benefits of the server industry doubling the performance every 18 months as a direct result of Moore’s Law. While vendors of proprietary appliances operates on cludgy lifecycles to maximize the ROI, ours benefits from this pace immediately.


Intel SR-IOV gives clients all of the benefit and none of the overhead and performance bottlenecks. It allows for direct interaction between the hardware interface cards and our virtual machine, eliminating almost all overhead and potential sources of performance degradation due to running as a virtual machine on a hyper-visor

Only for you

Purpose-built software designed and validated with the specific purpose of high performance, lean and mean to give a minimal footprint and excellent delivery for fewer security incidents and cost-effective alignment.

Build me up, build me down

Built to scale with a minimal overhead and licensing and by adding cores as needed, maximizing the utilization of hardware resources available to provide full efficiency and performance.





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