dbvisit_logo_transparent_largeDbvisit Standby uses physical database replication to provide a cost-effective, reliable and proven Disaster Recovery solution for all Oracle databases, including Standard Edition.

Businesses today recognize the value and importance of being able to access data whenever and wherever required.

In fact, the critical importance of ensuring business continuity and reducing business disruption is demonstrated by the following figures:

  • 43% of US businesses never reopen after a disaster (US Small Business administration)
  • 29% close within two years (US Small Business administration)
  • 93% of companies that suffer significant data loss are out of business within five years (US Bureau of Labor)

This 24/7 operation requires reliable and timely disaster recovery (DR) mechanisms for all components of these solutions, including the databases. In the event of a failure, service must be resumed within a very short period of time, with minimal or no data loss.

Dbvisit Standby creates and maintains an up-to-date copy of a production database that can be used in the event of a disaster. As changes are made to the production database, Dbvisit Standby applies these to the standby (backup) database at the remote DR site, creating an exact copy of the production database. In the event of a failure at the primary site, Dbvisit Standby is used to activate the standby database so it takes over the production role, and business continues uninterrupted.



Dbvisit Standby is very simple to install, configure and administer, with both a graphical user interface and access to the command line for:

  • Step by step guided installation process
  • Optional templating function for easy recreation of standby databases
  • Customizable creation of the standby database
  • Option to script administrative tasks and run in batch mode
  • Automatic management of archived log files on the primary and secondary database
  • Cloud ready for Oracle, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud
  • Full support for creating standby databases using Oracle Managed Files (OMF), Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) or even RAW device based storage

Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Oracle RAC to Oracle RAC (3)Dbvisit Standby can be used together with Oracle RAC to provide a scalable and high availability (HA) disaster recovery (DR)  and Business Continuity (BC) solution for your Oracle Standard Edition database. In the case of a RAC configuration, if one node fails, Dbvisit Standby on another RAC node can take over the log shipment from the failed node automatically. As easy to set up and manage with Dbvisit Standby as a single instance database is, the RAC database does not require a restart or any of its Oracle parameters changed.

  • All primary nodes need to send the archive logs to a shared location on the RAC standby cluster
  • Dbvisit Standby only needs to be scheduled on one standby instance to apply the archives from all threads to the standby database

Oracle RAC to an Oracle Single Instance Standby (3)


DR Bundled With Your Software for ISV

Use Dbvisit Standby to provide your customers with complete Disaster Recovery capabilities as part of your software solution. Dbvisit Standby enhances your company’s products by enabling proven, robust and reliable business continuity capabilities without the cost, effort and risk of developing and maintaining these yourself, in-house.

Dbvisit Standby allows you to extend the core functionality of your software to deliver business continuity, without having to write and maintain it yourself. It is designed for solutions built on Oracle Database platforms from 8i onwards, including Standard Edition (SE). It works whether your clients host their own solutions, or you host them on their behalf. Dbvisit Standby enables synchronization of data between a production database and one or more standby databases.

The top 5 reasons Dbvisit Standby is perfect for ISVs:

  • Dbvisit Standby is proven and trusted by DBA’s in over 110 countries
  • Elegant fully featured & web-based GUI, plus command line
  • Rapid and easy integration into your software using existing developer skills
  • Low noise and low administration for your customers
  • Automatic creation of standby database to save time, with full support for RAC

Dbvisit Software offers easy integration with application partners’ solutions that are built on Oracle Database platforms, enabling diasaster recovery for your Oracle Standard Edition customers. Contact us today to learn more.



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