Who Are We?

We are Defender Nusa Semesta (DNS). Our core business is IT security, and we’re the team behind Defenxor, an integrated Security Provider for businesses.

Why Defenxor?

With IT, your business is connected to a global audience of customers. However, threats to the IT system are evolving. Securing your business’s IT require a great deal of expertise as well as investment. Defenxor takes away the complexity and reduce the cost-of-ownership to deploy a security platform that can ensure that your business running smoothly, so you can focus more on your bottom line.

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 Defenxor Intelligence Managed Security  Technology

Defenxor Appliance (installed on your network):

–SIEM & Free-Text Log Search Engine
–Intrusion Detection System
–Automated Network Malware Analysis (Sandbox)
–Rapid incident response agent
–Honeypot-based intrusion detection system
–Network forensic data capture
–Vulnerability Assessment Technology

Why we need MSSP?

•Free from Security main pain: Managing People & Align with the Process
•Predictable Cost n Benefit
•Maximize Security Infrastructure Investment
•Instantly get the benefit of Security Operation Center
•Easier to Meet Regulatory Compliance

Benefit of Using DIMS



Defenxor helps customers to improve their Security Posture by providing monitoring or management of IT security functions through Managed Security

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