Carbonite Availability

What it does?

Carbonite Availability software keeps critical business systems available and prevents data loss on Windows and Linux servers. Carbonite’s continuous replication technology maintains an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. With Carbonite’s high availability solutions, you get:

  • Push-button failover
  • Near-zero downtime
  • Virtually no data loss

 How does it work?


  • Carbonite Availability software is installed on primary systems and the secondary target.
  • The software continuously creates a replica of the primary system at the secondary location.
  • When a failure occurs, the secondary systems go live and DNS re-routes the users.
  • Depending on system setup, users may not even realize they’re running on the target system.


Carbonite Availability Key Features!

  • Continuous replication for always-on data protection
  • Rapid failover for recovery times of minutes
  • Supports replication between disparate physical, virtual and cloud-based systems
  • Multiple recovery points using historical snapshots
  • Advanced features like encryption in-flight, compression, and bandwidth throttling
  • Comprehensive API and SDK enable integration and automation
  • Award-winning technical support available 24/7
  • Easy, non-disruptive testing

 Carbonite Availability Supported Platforms

Operating systems:

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Any hypervisor, with native integration for:




Any cloud platform, including:

new cloud


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