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Today we are engaged in some of the most advanced and innovative next-generation network research, focusing efforts on development and production of more intelligent, autonomously controlled and managed systems that will be required to meet the demands of a world of Internet Things and smarter everything.

The capabilities and performance of next-generation networks will be defined by the software that configures, secures, manages and automates the infrastructure.

Our R&D investments are putting us on the main stage in the exploding era of IoT. As cloud computing uses servers, applications and other resources linked via a network, the infrastructure of that network and the ability to autonomously discover, manage, troubleshoot and resolve network issues will become fundamental to network operations.

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We’ve been serving the needs of network communications industry for over 30 years. Although the technology we design and build has evolved significantly over time, our hard-earned reputation for standards-based performance, product reliability and value has remained a constant, highly respected value to our customers and partners around the globe.

Our solutions-based philosophy of producing products that deliver value to our customers, together with high-quality service and support, has resulted in a very extensive worldwide customer base.

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Our world is increasing in complexity. Organizations are changing at an ever-increasing rate. Businesses face an uphill battle to adapt to change, and to stay ahead of the competition. At the same time, our cities are increasingly becoming more populated; and with this growth, issues such as demand on resources and public safety become a key focus for government and civic leaders.

Today, more than any other time, you need a technology partner that has both the vision and the capability to take your network communications to where you need them to be.

 Using Allied Telesis VCStack™ in your network allows multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis.

In normal operation, this virtual chassis acts as a single switch, simplifying management. The diagram shows link aggregation between the core VCStack and the edge switches. With link aggregation across ports on different virtual chassis members, there is no perceptible disruption in the case of a link failure, and the full bandwidth of the network remains available. Fast failover ensures absolutely minimal network downtime in the event of a problem.

VCStack and link aggregation provide a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members, ensuring device and path resiliency. Virtualization of the network core ensures uninterrupted access to information when needed.

An Allied Telesis VCStack can even be spread over long distance, as the option of fiber stacking connectivity means that stack member do not have to be collocated, but can be kilometers apart. A long distance VCStack is perfect for distributed network environments or data-mirroring solutions.


Vista Manager


Vista Manager EX is the intelligent way to monitor and manage your Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) network, as well as your wireless APs using Autonomous Wave Control™ (AWC) technology. Vista Manager EX delivers state-of-the-art monitoring and management for Allied Telesis Autonomous Management FrameworkTM (Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) increases network control with centralized management – enabling services such as backup, recovery and provisioning automatically. Firmware upgrades are automatic too and help to reduce the burden and cost of network administration. It automatically creates a complete topology map of switches, firewalls and wireless Access Points (APs), to enable effortless management of many, or all, network devices at once. An expanded view of the complete network also includes third-party devices such as security cameras.



Vista Manager EX provides intuitive and simplified network management for businesses of all sizes. This integrated solution supports wired and wireless Allied Telesis network devices and security appliances. Third-party devices such as IP phones and security cameras are also included for a broad view of the network deployment and status.

With the ability to manage many or all devices at once, simplified VLAN management, and real-time traffic monitoring, Vista Manager EX with AMF delivers real business value and low ongoing network administration costs.

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