Oracle Cloud

Why Move to the Oracle Cloud

Accelerated Business Transformation: Enterprises can innovate faster, improve customer engagement, drive business-process efficiency, and accelerate digital transformation with Oracle Cloud. Oracle is the enterprise technology partner that positions companies for tomorrow, today; empowering businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation. Oracle Cloud provides leading-edge capabilities in software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and data as a service.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Products (IaaS)

Oracle set an ambitious goal in building its second-generation cloud infrastructure: to create an infrastructure that matches and surpasses the performance, control and governance of enterprise datacenters, while delivering the scale, elasticity, and cost-savings of public clouds. The result, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, is built from the ground up to be an Enterprise Cloud, equally capable of running traditional multi-tiered enterprise applications, high-performance workloads, and modern serverless and container-based architectures.

Enterprise Cloud. Uncompromised.

What if you could build the cloud over again? What could be done better today? What opportunities and advantages exist in new technology and approaches?
These are questions we asked before building Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the ground up to offer enterprise customers a new class of cloud. We’ve focused on security, rock-solid reliability, management for large and complex deployments, and flexibility to choose the systems you need. All while beating industry performance and pricing standards.

Enterprise-Level High Availability.

Ensure anytime, anywhere availability and access. From network design to physical build-out, high-availability is a fundamental primitive of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
We deploy our cloud in Regions. Inside each Region are at least three fault-independent Availability Domains. Each of these Availability Domains contains an independent data center with power, thermal and network isolation.
Low latency and high-bandwidth interconnect enables zero-data-loss architectures for applications like Oracle Database and high availability for scale-out technologies like Cassandra.

Non-Blocking, Predictable Performance.

Networking is the cornerstone of any cloud platform: it defines performance and the customer experience.
Our flat and fast network provides the latency and throughput of rack adjacency across the whole network, allowing synchronous replication and constant uptime. No network or CPU oversubscription also provides predictable bandwidth and performance.
High bandwidth network interconnect provides less than 100µs latency between any two hosts within an Availability Domain, and less than 1ms between Availability Domains in a Region.

Maximize Flexibility and Security.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the first cloud platform to take network and block IO virtualization out of the software stack and put it in the network, where it truly belongs.
As a result, for the first time you can provision truly elastic, self-service and pay-as-you-go bare metal cloud servers. Our next-generation infrastructure will also allow running bare metal servers side-by-side with any class of system — from VMs to Engineered Systems.

Leading Hardware for a Modern Architecture.

Don’t settle for yesterday’s hardware to power your business today. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leverage the latest compute and NVMe storage within a modern architecture to provide:
  • Uncompromised security: physical isolation and complete ownership of the box
  • Uncompromised performance: outperforms competitor’s largest instance types, and ideal for high-IO and data-intensive workloads
  • Better price performance: get more, pay less

No More Shadow IT.

How many clouds are you running? And, who has access to the data?
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be organized into compartments, providing isolated sub-clouds available for different divisions and projects. Govern activity and resources by groups. Give each cloud user security and data protection policies. Get granular billing and metering of resources within each department or isolation boundary.
The job of IT is to enable software development, not perform it. Enable every division and department to have their own cloud workloads, defined with straightforward and descriptive policy language

Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS)

Oracle Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, standards-based combination of Oracle and open source technologies to enable you to more efficiently build, deploy, integrate, secure and manage all your enterprise applications.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Oracle Cloud Platform autonomous services offer self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities, enabling organizations to lower costs, reduce risks, accelerate innovation, and benefit from predictive insights.

Oracle Cloud Platform is also optimized for hybrid and multi-cloud environments. For organizations with strict data residency, compliance, or latency requirements, Oracle Cloud Platform is available within your data center, fully managed by Oracle, so that you can take advantage of the agility, innovation, and subscription-based pricing of Oracle Cloud Platform even for on-premise and private cloud deployments.

Most Comprehensive and Integrated

With the largest PaaS portfolio of any cloud vendor, Oracle gives you a rich palette of technically integrated platform solutions designed to increase agility, lower costs, and reduce IT complexity. Integrate your data, processes, and applications, migrate workloads to the cloud, and implement unified management and security-all with a single robust platform.

Open and Standards-Based

Oracle is committed to offering choice and flexibility for customers to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements, promote interoperability and avoid lock-in. To enable you to easily build, deploy, integrate and extend applications in the cloud, Oracle Cloud Platform supports numerous open standards (SQL, HTML5, REST, and more) open-source solutions (such as Kubernetes, Hadoop, and Kafka) and a wide variety of programming languages, databases, and integration frameworks.

Lower Cost of Ownership

From development and integration to security and management, Oracle Cloud Platform unlocks the productivity of your employees through comprehensive automation covering provisioning, patching, backup, tuning, scaling, and more. Get the most complete, hassle-free provisioning and lifecycle management for your entire PaaS environment.

Easily Integrate and Extend SaaS

Your business processes transcend SaaS and on-premises application boundaries. Oracle Cloud Platform eliminates application silos by making it easy to integrate data and processes across Oracle and non-Oracle SaaS and on-premises applications with hundreds of out-of-the-box adapters and connectors. Easily integrate and extend your SaaS applications to meet the evolving needs of your business without impacting the upgradability of your SaaS applications.

Highest Security, Scalability, and Performance

Leverage multi-layered security, data encryption by default and state-of-the-art data centers so you can deploy even your most high performant, mission-critical applications. Oracle Cloud Platform offers unmatched security, scalability, availability and performance by running on best-in-class Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and providing unified identity and security management across your entire hybrid cloud environment.

Deployment Choice

Public cloud may not be a good fit for all your data and applications due to data residency, compliance, latency, or other business requirements. Oracle Cloud Platform can be deployed within a data center of choice while still offering you the same comprehensive cloud services and subscription-based pricing of public cloud, all managed and serviced by Oracle.
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